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February 10-11, 2015
Fundamental Handling Practices, Basic ESD Control Program, and Simplified Measurements
EOS/ESD Association Inc. • 7900 Turin Rd Bld 3 • Rome NY 13440

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March 24-25, 2015
Texas Local Chapter Tutorials
Electric Fields - Practical Considerations for the Factory
Electrostatic Attraction and Particle Removal
FC360: Electrical Overstress in Manufacturing and Test
FC361: Advanced ESD/EMI/EOS Auditing Techniques
3M Innovation Center, Austin, TX

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May 7-8, 2015
ESD Device Design Essentials Seminar
Peppermill Resort Hotel, 2707 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502

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May 19-21, 2015
Northeast Local Chapter Tutorials
• FC100: ESD Basics for the Program Manager* (ESD Prog Mgr Cert Course)
• FC101: How To’s of In-Plant ESD Auditing and Evaluation Measurements*(ESD Prog Mgr Cert Course)
• ESD Models and Test Methods (New Course)
• FC150: Hands-on ESD Measurements & Instruments-Uses and Pitfalls(ESDA Symposium Course)

Teradyne Conference Center 600 Riverpark Drive • North Reading, MA

*This class is part of the Program Manager Certification curriculum. More details on the Professional Certification Programs offered by ESDA are on our website at

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The Industry Council is an independent Institution focused on target levels of ESD component testing, applying the HBM, MM and CDM standards. RoadmapLIFBtw

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