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A look back at the 2016 EOS/ESD Symposium

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A look back at the 2016 EOS/ESD Symposium

The 38th International EOS/ESD Symposium, Tutorials, and Exhibits held September 11-16, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove (Anaheim), CA, offered an excellent insight into current issues and future challenges in electrical overstress and electrostatic discharge technologies.  An impressive array of 45 technical papers presentations, 7 interactive workshops, 35 tutorials, 2 emerging topic presentations, and 61 exhibitors comprised the offering.

The conference began with two days of educational tutorials from basic ESD control classes to advanced system level design classes.  The tutorial section of the program continued on Thursday, completing three full days of instruction.  There were a total of 489 course certificates presented to attendees for the popular tutorial portion of the Symposium.

On Monday afternoon two emerging technology seminars presented on EMC design, PCB Design for Real-World EMC Control and Radiated Emissions, and Understanding Product and Measurement Antenna Behavior were presented by EMC Society lecturers Bruce Archambeault and Colin E. Brench, respectively. The EMC society has been a longtime supporter of the EOS/ESD Symposium and we look forward to future presentations.

On Monday evening, our Industry exhibits opened with a welcome reception in the exhibit hall. Representatives from different companies shared a wide variety of ESD solutions from established products to leading-edge innovations. The reception offered a unique opportunity to talk to the professionals with hands-on experience on static control methods, evaluation techniques, ESD testing hardware, and many other ESD solutions.  The 2016 Best of Show award was presented to Hanwa Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd. Hanwa has been an EOS/ESD Association supporter exhibiting every year since 2005.

On Tuesday, the technical portion of the program opened with the an awards breakfast where the paper awards from the 2015 Symposium were presented. An engaging Keynote presentation followed given by  Prof. Thomas Lee of Stanford University.  The focus of Professor Lee’s talk involved silicon’s analogous shift from circuits to systems and how it will transform civilization in this century from high-tech material to commodities.

Workshops continue to be a popular part of the week.   For the first time this year, a world café style workshop was added to discuss EOS Analysis and Diagnosis in a new interactive format.  World Café got its name because it imitates a café setting where small groups (4 or 5 people) are all conversing together around tables about the topic as it pertains to them or some work they are trying to do together.


The 2016 EOS/ESD Symposium turned out to be a well-attended 5-day event. Conference organizers, Instructors, invited speakers, authors of papers, and exhibitors all contributed to creating this lively, inspiring event facilitating an informal exchange of ideas for learning and collaboration.




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