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Rethinking Electrical Overstress Article
Terry Welsher, In-Compliance, May, 2016

ESD Standards: An Annual Progress Report ESD Association Article
ESD Association, In-Compliance, September, 2016


ESD Standards: An Annual Progress Report ESD Association Article
ESD Association, In-Compliance, February, 2015

Static Charge Control is of Vital Importance Article
Christopher Long, Larry Levit, Carl Newberg, Controlled Environments, September, 2015

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 – Explanation of Technical Revisions Article
John Kinnear, In-Compliance, September, 2015


ESD Standards: An Annual Progress Report ESD Association Article
ESD Association, In-Compliance, March, 2014



ESD Standards: An Annual Progress Report ESD Association Article
ESD Association, In-Compliance, May, 2013

The Value of Certification Article
Carl Newberg, In-Compliance, July, 2013

The Industry Council on ESD Target levels: Making an Indelible Impact on ESD from Components to Systems, Article
Industry Council,


ESD Electronic Design Automation Checks Part II
EDA Working Group, Matthew Hogan Article In-Compliance, September 2012

ESD Electronic Design Automation Checks Part I
EDA Working Group, Michael G. Khazhinsky Article In-Compliance, August 2012


Discontinuing Use of the Machine Model for Device ESD Qualification Article In-Compliance, Dec 2011
Charvaka Duvvury, Texas Instruments; Robert Ashton, ON Semiconductor; Alan Righter, Analog Devices; David Eppes, AMD; Harald Gossner, Intel Mobile Communications; Terry Welsher, Dangelmayer Associates; Masaki Tanaka, Renesas Electronics Corporation

Standards Update
ESD Association Article In-Compliance, Dec 2011

ESD Target Levels the Industry Council
ESD Association Article In-Compliance, September 2011

ESD Class 0 Manufacturing Best Practices
Ted Dangelmayer Article Circuits Assembly, September 2011

Computers on Wheels, Sensitive to Electrostatic Effects
Reinhold Gaertner Article Automotive Engineering, June 2011


ESD "Best Practices"
Carl Newberg Article Circuits Assembly, Dec 2010

Why Standards Still Matter
Fred Tenzer Article In-Compliance, Dec 2010

The Real Cost of ESD Damage
Terry Welsher Article In-Compliance, May 2010

The ESD Association and JEDEC Collaborate on Standards Development for Harmonized Electrostatic Discharge Test Methods
Tim Jarrett, Terry Welsher Article In-Compliance, Feb 2010


Mitigating Electrostatic Charges on Nonconductors Article
David E. Swenson Circuits, Assembly Magazine, March 2006

Open Forum Articles


HMM Relationship to IEC 61000-4-2 and HMM Test Methods
Robert Ashton Article

HBM test Time
Michael Chaine Article

Comparison of ANSI/ESD S20.20 – 1999 and 2007
John Kinnear Article

Cable Discharge Events
Michael Hopkins Article Part I, Article Part II

Compliance Verification for Common Hand Tools
Timothy Prass Article Part I

Demonstrating CDM Discharge Using Common Hand Tools
Timothy Prass Article Part II

CBM failures
Leo G. Henry Article

Materials, Their Applications and Properties
Donn Bellmore Article

Safe Use Of Esd Wrist Straps During Stormy Weather
David E. Swenson Article

Work Gloves and Grounding
Gene Chase Article

Higher Capacitance Verification Module (30pF) for the 3.0GHz and 1.0 GHz BW Measurements
Leo G. Henry Article

Performance Levels of Disposable ESD Shoe Covers
Jay Hamlin Article

Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) and Very Fast Transmission Line Pulse (VF-TLP) Standard Development
Steve Voldman Article

Human Body Model (HBM) Minimum Passing Stress Voltages
Mike Chaine Article

Using IEC 61000-4-2 Test to Characterize Devices or Components
Nate Peachey Article

Considerations for Selecting ESD Control Flooring
Craig Zander Article

Periodic Verification of Soldering and Desoldering Equipment
Tim Prass Article

Cable Discharge Events – CDE
Mike Hopkins Article

Considerations for Selecting Static Protective Packaging
David E. Swenson Article

Using ESD SP10.1-2007 for Testing Voltage levels in Automated Handling Equipment
Donn Bellmore Article

Proper Method of Grounding Tile floors
David E. Swenson Article

CDM Voltage Thresholds
Leo G. Henry Article

Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Standard Practice
Steve Voldman Article

Isolating Transient Susceptible Device Designs
Tom Meuse Article

The 2-pin Current Waveform Verification Test Procedure
Michael Chaine Article

The Machine Model Standard- ANSI Review
Leo G. Henry Article

Testing Installed ESD Protective Products
Working Group 53 Article

Automated Assembly Equipment Inside Class 100 Enclosures
Carl Newberg Article