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Device Stress Certified Professionals

The ESD Association is pleased to award Professional Device Stress Testing Certification to the following individuals. (By Company)

ESDA Certifies Device Stress Testing Professionals In Compliance Magazine 2013

Allegro MicroSystems LLC

Richard Desautels (Certified 2013)
Dave Drew (Certified 2013)

Analog Devices, Inc.

Daniel Tremblay (Certified 2013)

Faircild Semiconductor, Inc. (PHILS)

Manuelito Pagdato (Certified 2016)
Arias Ponciano, Jr. (Certified 2016)
Liping Ren (Certified 2016)


Mah Kin Yeah (Certified 2016)


Thomas Chang (Certified 2013)
Ephrem Gebreslasie (Certified 2013)
Lin Lin (Certified 2013)
Richard Poro (Certified 2013)
Bill Reynolds (Certified 2013)

Infineon Technologies AG

Melanie Gleissner (Certified 2014)

Intel Electronics Ltd.

Shahar Nikhou (Certified 2014)

Materials Analysis Technology Inc. (MA-Tek)

Pradeep Sharma (Certified 2013)

Micron Technology, Inc.

Garcia Artemio (Certified 2016)


Kenneth Brooks (Certified 2013)
Brad Coble (Certified 2016)
Yan Gao (Certified 2013)
Courtney Rouse (Certified 2015)
Mark Sharp Jr. (Certified 2013)
Brian Simac (Certified 2015)
Josh Smith (Certified 2016)


Glendon Chan (Certified 2016)
Chi Tai Hong (Certified 2014)
Lei  Hua (Certified 2016)
Moon Lee (Certified 2013)
Zhen Li (Certified 2013)
David Rose (Certified 2014)
Bill Russell (Certified 2013)
Fan Zhou (Certified 2013)

Semtech Semiconductor (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.

Jack Chen  (Certified 2014)

Silicon Labratories, Inc

James Goussy (Certified 2013)


Dan Miranda (Certified 2016)

Xilinx, Inc

Mohammed Djebroun (Certified 2016)