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EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium


November 15-18, 2016
ESDA Tutorial Program,    Nov.15-16 Register Online!
CNIS WORKSHOP,    Nov.17 For complimentary admittance to the CNIS workshop EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium attendees may RSVP by email to us-chinasccp@ansi.org 
EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium, Nov.18 Register Online!


March 27-31, 2017
EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium in Singapore
ESDA Tutorials-March 27-28
Symposium-March 29-30
PrM Certification Exam-March 31
TUV SUD PSB Pte Ltd., Singapore
Call for Presentations Abstract submission deadline extended!

EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium
Future International Locations

2017 Singapore
2018 Korea, Europe, and China
2019 Asia and China
2020 Korea, Europe, and China
Details for International events will be updated as they become available.

The EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium is focused on discussing the issues and providing the answers to electrostatic discharge in electronic production and assembly.

  • Gain beneficial electrostatic knowledge
  • Learn solutions to electrostatic issues and obstacles
  • Discover new and emerging technologies
  • Network with ESD professionals
  • Develop valuable peer and industry contacts

Sponsored by EOS/ESD Association, Inc.  
Co-sponsored by Everfeed Technology Pte., Ltd.