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Workshop on Robustness of IoT Devices

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IoT devices are constantly proliferating and creating new applications. To maintain the speed of growth and be economical while guaranteeing the required robustness and reliability, new approaches must be determined to characterize and select IC, sensor and discrete components for the diverse IoT applications. Well-established JEDEC, IEC, AEC or similar quality standards mostly target specific applications of a component, where the component is designed for. Appropriate methods need to be implemented across electronics industry and even including industries which haven’t been exposed to electronics like fashion or building industry to facilitate ease of use of semiconductor components for multiple application fields and enable design for robustness on module level.

While there are industries with experience to use components which are not designed for their high-reliability applications like in avionic, a wider use needs alignment in industry and the development of efficient techniques. At the workshop industry leads will present the requirements and approaches both from semiconductor as well as from system integration side in 10 invited talks. Join the workshop and get the insight into challenges of robustness and reliability design and qualification methods for IoT devices. Bring in your view to the panel discussions!

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