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Frequently Asked Questions



 What are EOS/ESD Association Membership Benefits?


Becoming a member: Benefits start with access to the members' only section of EOS/ESD Association website where you can download the Symposium Proceedings, EOS/ESD Association published technical reports, and access the membership roster. Additional reasons to become a member: 

  •       Attend Educational Tutorials, Seminars, and the EOS/ESD Symposium at Special Member Rates
  •       Professional Career Growth
  •       Participation in Local Chapters
  •       Purchase Association Standards, and Publications, at Special Member Rates
  •       Extensive Networking with Industry Experts - Find Solutions to Real World ESD Issues
  •       The Opportunity to be Part of Standards Development Solutions

Membership is active for one calendar year (January 1- December 31)

Access to member benefits on the website and membership discounts will be available on the Monday following the processing of your membership application.

Can I use ESDA’s logo?


esda logo black white 000EOS/ESD Association logo is used by EOS/ESD Association and accredited local chapters. Any other usage is prohibited.



EOS/ESD Association, Inc. member logo can be used by current EOS/ESD Association members. The logo cannot be placed by products or services, or in any way which could imply product, process or services endorsement. This right is in effect as long as membership remains current.


Weblinklog1EOS/ESD Association web link logo can be used on websites as a link to EOS/ESD Association website. The logo cannot be placed by products or services, or in any way which could imply product, process or services endorsement.

For a complete list of logos and there uses please visit: https://www.esda.org/assets/Uploads/documents/ESDAssociationLogoUSESTATEMENTS1.pdf


 How do I login as a new member?

        To access all of your member benefits you will need to create a new login.

      1. https://www.esda.org/signup
          • Enter your member number - received by email following registration 
          • Enter the email and password you want to use for this site. (Can be a different email than that used on your member registration)
          • Click register! 

 How do I access complimentary technical reports?

To access this member benefit your membership must be current and you must login as a member. 

           To access members technical reports:

      1. Login as a current member
      2. Go to https://www.esda.org/members/
      3. Click on Downloadable EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Technical Reports 
      4. Scroll to the electronic version of the technical document you wish to download
      5. Click on document to open
      6. Click on Complimentary Download (please note ESD TR20.20-2008 is not available as a complimentary download)

How do I download complimentary documents?

  To access Complimentary downloads:

      1. Go to https://www.esda.org/standards/complimentary-downloads/
      2. Scroll to the electronic version of the document you wish to download.
      3. Click on the document title.
      4. Click on Complimentary Download.
      5. If you are not a member: Complete the Complimentary Download Registration section marked "If you are not an EOS/ESD Association member, or have not previously registered for complimentary downloads, please register below."
      6. If you are a member: Please login then complete steps 1-4 above

Is a list of current members provided?

EOS/ESD Association membership roster is available to members on the members section of our website https://www.esda.org/members/

The roster can be downloaded in PDF format or you can search the roster online using the search feature provided.

 Are there local ESDA Chapters available in my area?

For a current list of active local chapters visit the local chapter page https://www.esda.org/membership/local-chapters/

Does ESDA answer technical questions?

EOS/ESD Association accepts technical questions by email which are forwarded to volunteer members who are industry professionals working in the field.  Send technical questions to info@esda.org

Technical question responses are a service to industry; EOS/ESD Association is not responsible for content. The users of the information need to determine the suitability of the response.

For ESD consultants search the buyers guide https://www.esda.org/buyers-guide/

Does ESDA offer a Job Board for career opportunities?

As a service to members the EOS/ESD Association website includes a job board for posting open positions and positions wanted. The EOS/ESD Association is not responsible for closed or expired postings.  Visit the job board at  https://www.esda.org/about-us/jobs-board/ 

Does ESDA offer Corporate membership?

EOS/ESD Association memberships are individual based and transition with the individual member throughout their career path.

Corporate Sponsor Program packages provide multiple marketing and advertisement opportunities for companies who are interested in promoting your organization and supporting EOS/ESD Association programs and events.


How can I join an ESDA working group?

Our members are encouraged to join EOS/ESD Association Standards development by becoming part of one of our many working groups. The working groups meet face to face twice a year and are key in testing ESD components and in the creation of test methods for the control of ESD.

To become a member of a working group you must attend at least two consecutive face-to-face meetings as a guest; membership to a committee is by individual not by company. After attending two consecutive meetings you may request membership to the working group through Christina Earl (standards@esda.org). Once you are approved for membership to a committee you must attend at least two out of three consecutive meetings to retain your membership. For a complete list of active working groups and current activities, please visit https://www.esda.org/committees/standards-working-groups/.

How can I order ESDA documents?

To place an order:

1.  Go to www.esda.org and order directly with a credit card. (If you are a member, be sure to log-in prior to completing purchase to receive member discount.)

2.  Complete an order form and fax/email/mail with payment back to our office.  https://www.esda.org/assets/Uploads/documents/PressCatalog.pdf

3.  Call our office at 315-339-6937 between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Eastern time.

Hard copy documents will be mailed from our Headquarters office by USPS (for expedited delivery customers can supply their carrier information and account number)
Electronic documents will be emailed within 48 business hours. All electronic documents must be delivered directly to the intended person for use on only one computer. The document can not be forwarded to any additional users or accessed on multiple computers.

Is there a discount if I purchase multiple programs/offerings?

EOS/ESD Association Corporate Bundle Packages


Can I purchase a copy of the proceedings?

Proceedings are available individually or as a set.


Does ESDA offer on-site training?

Expert instructors will travel to your location to provide the tutorial(s) your employees need to perform their responsibilities, and to work toward professional certification.


Does ESDA offer online training?

More than 45 Online Academy courses are available.


Does ESDA offer certification?

Individual and facility certification programs are available.


What payment types are accepted?  

Credit Card- Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®

Checks- drawn in U.S. currency on a U.S. bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve

Wire transfer-You need to determine all charges from your bank and any charges from the transfer banks. These fees, plus our $15 bank charge, must be ADDED to the total of your order.

How can I contact the EOS/ESD Association?

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. 
7900 Turin Rd., Bldg. 3 
Rome, NY  13440-2069, USA

PH +1-315-339-6937

Email: info@esda.org


How often do the standards working groups meet?

EOS/ESD Association standards working groups meet face-to-face twice a year in April/May and September/October and virtually twice a year in January/February and July. For a list of upcoming meeting dates and locations, please visit https://www.esda.org/index.php/events/calendar/. The final standards WG meeting schedules, along with current activities and upcoming meeting agendas, are available on our website at https://www.esda.org/committees/standards-working-groups/. All of our standards working group meetings are open to the public and we invite guests to join any meeting of their interest and participate in the standards development process.