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About Us

Elected Directors


BrettCarnBrett Carn
Brett currently serves as the Business Unit Manager of the Standards Committee, is a member of Technical and Administration Support Committee. Brett is a member of the JWG HBM (5.1), JWG CDM (5.3.1), Working Groups. He is also an active member in Education Council, IEW Committee, Advanced Topics, and Education.



Lorenzo CeratiLorenzo Cerati
Lorenzo is serving as the Symposium Vice General chair, previously serving as the TPC chair, workshop chair and AV chair. Lorenzo is a member of the JWG (HBM), JWG (CDM), WG 5.4, WG 5.5, WG 5.6, WG 14, WG 25 Working Groups, Steering Committee, IEW Committee, Advanced Topics. 



Cheryl Checkettschecketts

 Cheryl currently serves as a member of various Standards committees. Cheryl is also the Symposium Arrangements chair. 



Ann Concannon2Ann Concannon
Texas Instruments
Ann is the 2019 Symposium A/V chair. She has contributed to the technical program, served as a member on the workshop discussion panels, and worked on the organizing/technical committees for past Symposia.  Ann has also served as the technical program chair for IEW.


Charvaka DuvvuryCharvaka Duvvury
ESD Consulting L.L.C.
Charvaka currently serves as the Academia University Board Advisor and the Awards Chair. Charvaka is the Industry Council Liaison. He is one of the founders of the IEW Conference. Charvaka previously served as a Symposium General Chair and has been active on several Symposium Committees.


Reinhold GaertnerReinhold Gaertner
Infineon Technologies
Reinhold currently serves as the Working Group Chair for WG 17 and 27. He previously served as the Manufacturing Symposium Business Unit Manager. He has served in device testing, is an active member in Standards Working Groups and the Technical and Administration Support Committee. Reinhold has also served on the Technical Program Committee for the EOS/ESD Symposium. Reinhold is the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award.


Robert GauthierRobert Gauthier

Robert is an active member of the Education team contributing to the curriculum. Robert previously served as Secretary and Association Vice President. Robert also held the roles of Symposium General Chair, Vice General Chair, and TPC Chair.  


Junjun LiJunjun Li
Junjun is the Manufacturing Symposium Business Unit Manager.  He has also served as General Chair, Vice General Chair, and Technical Program Committee Chair of the EOS/ESD Symposium, and the Technical Program Chair of the IEW.

Tom Meuse photoTom Meuse 
Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Tom is the chair of the WG14 System Level and also a member of EOS/ESD Association Inc.’s Standards Committee, device testing working groups, and the joint ESDA/JEDEC device testing working groups. Tom is the Invited Talk and Seminar co-chair for IEW 2019 and has served on the technical program committees for past Symposia and IEW.

Mirko ScholzMirko Scholz
Mirko is the Advanced Topics Business Unit Manager and several Standards Working Groups Steering Committee. He is the WG chair for WG 5.6 – Human Metal Model (HMM) Device Testing.

StadlerWolfgang Stadler
Intel Mobile Communications
Wolfgang is serving as the Education Business Unit Manager and is a current member of the Standards Committee, is a member of Technical and Administration Support Committee and Standards Working Groups. He is the WG chair for WG 5.4 – (TLU) Device Testing and WG 17.0 – Process Assessment. Wolfgang also served on the Technical Program Committee for IEW.

Strickland Photo2Matt Strickland
L3 Technologies 
Matt is a member of the standards committee, WG1 – wrist straps, WG3 - ionization, WG4 – worksurfaces, WG11 - packaging, WG13 – hand tools, WG15 - gloves, WG19 – high reliability, WG23 – EOS best practices, and WG53 – compliance verification. He serves on the ESDA Education committee and manufacturing track technical program committee for Symposium. Matt is also the tutorial a/v chair for Symposium.