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Volunteer Activities

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is successful because of its network of members who volunteer to carry out its mission and activities. Without volunteers, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. could accomplish very little. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact info@esda.org for more information.



Volunteer Recruitment


You should be glad to hear that by the virtue of my carrying EOS/ESD Association backpack during my recent trip to Antarctica, I was able to establish local EOS/ESD Association chapters among the natives on the distant islands.

Vladamir Kraz, EOS/ESD Association Volunteer




ESDA Members Share Their Thoughts about Volunteering

Tom R“While I have a strong engineering background with degrees in chemical engineering, my knowledge of electronics and ESD was certainly limited.  Being involved in the ESD Association, through the committees, the available training information, and generous support from other members, I’ve learned a vast amount about ESD and its control.  I particularly enjoy networking with the other members, working with them on the committees, and having a little fun during the free time.”  

                                                                                   Tom Ricciardelli


Bas G"Due to the work as a volunteer, I found other aspects of ESD and found out how difficult it is to write good documents, special in the case of global documents where the interpretation of words can be different.

It’s great to do this voluntary work it’s a win, win, win. No longer on your own, knowledge sharing and challenging, working global and last but not least meeting friends…, many friends. Seen the age of many of my colleagues and myself around the globe, they stay and stay, working in and with ESDA it looks like it is a healthy disease."

Bas Grootemaat



Shane H"When I started in the Electronics Industry I had no what ESD was or even stood for; I was never taught the background and physics of electrostatics in college. All of the knowledge I have was acquired by attending the ESD Symposiums and getting involved in different activities. While I am nowhere near knowing everything, I am excited to learn something new at each Symposium and each Working Group meeting. I hope to get more involved with ESDA to continue the legacy that is already recognized worldwide. The friendships I have made and the new friends I meet each year are invaluable to me. The networking of professionals and vast knowledge throughout the ESDA is immeasurable and I am proud to be part of this great organization."

                                                                        Shane Heinle     

S Chen"Being a TPC member of the Symposium or the Workshop is a great opportunity to learn more technical knowledge from ESD experts worldwide. In addition, the ESDA volunteer works really help me become part of the ESD community. I am always impressed by the fantastic friendship between different companies in the ESD community. Being an ESDA volunteer offers me a wonderful network which helps me to grow my personal and professional development."

                                                                        Shih-Hung Chen