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Ann Concannon

AnnConcannon1"One of the exciting opportunities within the ESDA is the opportunity afforded to share research results with an audience that is very knowledgeable and critical."

Ann Concannon was awarded a PhD from the National University of Ireland in 1996 for her contributions to the advancement of device simulation of floating gate non-volatile memory. In 1995, as a Marie Curie Fellow in University of Bologna and ST Micro, she worked on joint silicon device development projects. After graduation Ann led a silicon device research group at the Tyndall Institute in Ireland. It was during this time that she first worked on 3D TCAD simulation challenges in ESD and latchup design within the European project "Prophesy", with partners in NXP, Infineon, and the University of Padova. In 2000, Ann and her husband Barry moved from Ireland to California, from a research world to the industrial setting of Silicon Valley. Since then, Ann has been working on all aspects of ESD, first at National Semiconductor, and now with Texas Instruments where she provides technical leadership and design expertise in the areas of ESD design, latchup prevention, and EOS device robustness to the design teams. The strong support and encouragement from her management to continue research activities was an unexpected bonus at the start, and continues to provide stimulation and interesting challenges both internal to TI and in the wider professional engineering communities.




Ann says she has always been interested in running, hiking, and outdoor activities. In 2013 she is looking forward to completing her first marathon. "My sister and I are virtual training partners, as she lives 5000 miles away, in Ireland. We will meet half way in New York in November, and run the marathon together," says Ann. One of Ann's priorities at any event such as the IEW workshop or the ESD Symposium is to find new and interesting running trails, and to connect with some of the other runners at the event.

Ann's involvement in the ESD Association has been though the annual ESD/EOS symposium and also, more recently, at IEW. She started attending the symposium in 2000, and since then has contributed to the technical program, served as a member on the workshop discussion panels, and worked on the organizing/technical committees. Most recently, in the 2013 IEW, Ann volunteered for the role of Discussion Group chair. "I'm looking forward to the 2013 Symposium in September, where I will chair a session on "On-Chip Protection for High voltage Applications", Ann said.

AnnConcannon3Although ESD is a very ubiquitous stress, ESD protection is still a niche area, particularly in the analog world. One of the exciting opportunities within the ESDA is the opportunity afforded to share research results with an audience that is very knowledgeable and critical. Over the years that Ann has been attending the Symposium, she feels the general level of expertise of the audience has increased significantly, which brings a broad range of opinions and experience to the discussion forum.