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Benjamin Orr

Ben20Orr 200x250Benjamin received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri – Rolla) in December of 2011 and continued on to join the Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program as part of the Missouri S&T EMC laboratory as a student of Dr. David Pommerenke. Ben started his research with EMC topics in SMPS modules and transitioned to an ESD-focus after being given the opportunity to take on a system-level ESD project with Harald Gossner at Intel Mobile Communications in Munich Germany. Currently he moves back and forth between the US and Germany taking courses and working. The international travel has given Ben the chance to attend ESDA events in both the US and Europe.

Apart from school and work, Ben is  involved with the ESDA Working Group 14 subcommittee on system-level ESD simulation. With this group he can work with other members of the ESDA and help drive and support the advancement of high voltage and current characterization methodologies of both ICs and discrete components for use in the System Efficient ESD Design flow. Ben is also involved in ESD education, monitoring tutorials at the EO/ESD symposium and contributing to the development of web-based training seminars on the fundamentals of ESD.

Born in Seattle Washington, Ben lived there until he was about 14 years old until his family moved to Kansas City, MO. Ben says he has never adjusted to the Midwest weather. "The cold winters aren’t a problem but the sun and humidity are out to kill me every summer. I miss the rich grey overcast skies and nearly constant mist-drizzle." He still religiously follow s the Seattle Mariners and either watches or listens to every game they play, including spring training. Ben’s parents elected to home school him and his 4 younger siblings so as a kid he spent a lot of time at home and started cooking at the age of 8. When it came time to pick a school to go to Ben spent some time thinking about going to culinary school but he says he didn’t want to turn making dinner into work so he became an EE and left cooking as a leisure activity. At the moment his hobbies include writing, storytelling, following the Mariners, cooking, crossfit and calisthenics, and most importantly spending time with his fiancée Tricia.

The first ESDA event Ben attended was the 2013 IEW. He arrived a bit early and wound up helping ESDA staff register incoming attendees, introducing him to ESDA members from day one. Since then Ben has joined WG14 and started monitoring tutorials at his second symposium. Most recently Ben volunteered to help the ESDA develop web-based tutorials on the six part fundamentals of ESD.

"Helping with registration at the IEW gave me the chance to meet a great number of people face to face. I use the connections that I made there and at subsequent events to try and keep the work that I am doing for my dissertation in context."

Being in academia, the chance to talk with engineers in the industry about their challenges has helped shape Ben’s understanding of the research that he is doing.