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Dale Fuller

Fuller2"By volunteering at the ESDA I have developed personal friendships, and professional contacts, that benefit both me and my company"

Dale is an ESD Certified Professional-Program Manager currently working at Seagate Technology. He is a graduate of University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE).

Dale completed all of the ESDA Program Manager prerequisite tutorials in 2006 and passed the exam at the 2006 September Symposium. He continued to take tutorials offered through the ESDA, and participate in Technical Sessions and Workshops at several Symposiums. Originally, Dale was a member of the ESDA standards committees, however between travel budget cuts, and the company already being well represented in most of the standards committees; he turned to ways of volunteer with minimal travel. Dale has been a member of the Symposium Technical Program Committee for Extremely Sensitive Devices. Being involved with reviewing tutorial content, and vetting exam questions has allowed Dale to remain active in the Association and avoid traveling expenses that have been cut by the company. Dale was instrumental in the development of ESDA Compliance Posters, a set of work area posters developed for companies to post in their EPA area to help in the control of ESD issues. As a certified Program Manager, Dale has also been very helpful in the grading process for the ESDA Program Manager Exam. All excellent ways to stay involved as a non traveling volunteer. Additionally, Dale continues to volunteer at the Symposium, usually as a tutorial, workshop, or technical session monitor.

"While I have learned a lot from the ESDA Tutorials, I have also learned as much from being involved with the ESDA through the Standards Committees, and volunteering at the Symposiums. By volunteering at the ESDA, I have developed personal friendships, and professional contacts, that benefit both me and my company". Was Dale's comment when asked about his volunteer experience.

Dale is married with two beautiful daughters, ages 6 and 8. The family loves to accompany him to the ESDA Symposiums, especially when they are at Disneyland. He told us he loves all kinds of activities with his girls, and he also likes traveling, SCUBA diving, and anything adventurous (skydiving, bungee jumping, aerobatic dogfighting and glider rides, etc.).

The ESD Association is grateful for the time and expertise that volunteers like Dale have shared with us and look forward to their continued participation.