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Dietmar Walther

IMG 2878Dietmar studied Information Technology at the University of Applied Science in Zwickau until October 2006. In October 2006 he joined Texas Instruments working on analyzing customer issues related to Low Power Microcontrollers. During the years and with more complex devices including more integrated power management modules and shrinking technology nodes more and more System Level ESD related problems were reported by customers.In 2011 an TI internal initiative was created to find ways breaking System Level related soft failures down to chip level by using a controlled methodology with high reproducibility and the base for systematic root cause analysis. After several trials with standard ESD guns a collaboration with an external EMC test house lead to implementation of a methodology achieving the goals of analyzing and solving System Level ESD related issues. Several devices were released and showed significant improvements based on this methodology.

Dietmar married in 2011 and has two wonderful children Sophie and Luis.The Walther family lives in Landshut which is located close to Munich. Dietmar  likes to go hiking in the Alps or goes there for skiing in the winter season.Besides this he likes travelling (e.g. Scotland, Namibia, Cost Rica), reading books, watching movies, work in the garden, but most important spending time with my family and playing with the kids.“The family is the most important part of my life where I can recharge my battery and deal with complete different exciting challenges compared to the ones in my job.”

During the TI internal work on ESD related items Agha Jahanzeb introduced Dietmar to EOS/ESD Association, Inc. and encouraged him to present his work at the IEW 2014 in Villard de Lans.“This was the first time I came in touch with the ESDA and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere to exchange ESD related knowledge.” Dietmar was surprised at how university students and highly educated members of the industry (who have spent a long time in the ESD field) act together and exchange their experience. This very open atmosphere between the generations presents a fantastic place to learn but also share knowledge. Dietmar also joined the ESDA working group 5.4 dealing with Transient Latch-Up effects as an alternative representative for TI. “During the meetings at 2014 EOS/ESD  Symposium in Tucson, the knowledge exchanged between people from the different companies was a great experience for me to open my mind.” Joining EOS/ESD Association, Inc.  events is always a great experience for Dietmar to meet people from different companies and also from universities. The collaboration with well experienced professionals as well as new players is a fantastic experience. “All the inputs I received during my presentations are extremely valuable for my work. They also creating a network of connections which  are extremely helpful after the EOS/ESD Association, Inc. event.IMG 4594