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Jay Hamlin

Jay hamlinThe Volunteer Spotlight during November and December highlights Jay Hamlin, As Principal Product Engineer at the Medtronic Microelectronics Center in Tempe, AZ, Jay Hamlin is responsible for the company’s ESD control program.

Educational and professional background

Like many others, Jay’s ESD career has followed numerous paths, even including a detour or two. In Jay’s first job in the electronics industry, he worked for Intel Corporation where his investigation of the root cause of defects on wafers determined that many of the common wafer level defects were related to electrostatics. Defects ranging from repeating abnormalities on wafers due to chrome damage on masks and reticles and to attraction and adhesion of particles on wafers were all associated somehow with static charge. Later, as a Quality/Reliability/Failure Analysis Engineer in the Motorola Semi-conductor Products Sector, he documented that ESD damage was a major contributing cause of products being returned by customers. At that time there were no ESD experts to consult within the Semiconductor Products Sector and he began attending the EOS/ESD Sym-posium, taking classes on static control, and talking with professionals in other Motorola business units as well as outside Motorola who could share information and enlighten him more on the subject of ESD failures. As his knowledge and experience progressed, he began to assess manufacturing areas and was asked by the VP of Quality to initiate and champion a Motorola ESD Control steering committee. He moved back to his home town of San Diego and worked as a Supplier Quality Engineer for Qualcomm. Once again, he saw issues relating to static electricity and was able to apply his knowledge and expertise. Then came a big change. “After nearly six years at Qualcomm, I decided to take a couple of years off work, and moved to the mountains of Arizona. Later my wife and I bought a restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ. That was fun but way too much laborious work involved with that!” So, back to the world of ESD at Medtronics. Jay initially joined the ESDA in 1993 and started attending standards working group meetings in 1995. After his “sabbatical” ended in 2005 he again became involved in the ESDA and has worked on four different standards working groups and the standards committee. He has participated on several ESDA Symposium workshop panels and worked on the Symposium arrangements committee in 2007.He has served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chapter, ESD Association.and was its Vice President He has received many ESD related awards including “Best Presentation” from the Arizona Chapter in 1996. He has published several papers on various topics including the 1995 article titled “Controling Static Charge in Cleanrooms, Why Should We?” Working as a volunteer with the ESDA has yielded Jay many rewards. Because standards working groups are involved with the leading edge technologies, “This keeps me up-to-date with all the new and developing technologies. Working with the Symposium team is very rewarding and worthwhile, knowing that my contribution will benefit many individuals.”

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Jay and his wife Diane enjoy desert living in the exciting college town of Tempe Arizona. Daughter Nicole is a full time student at Arizona State University. Daughter Michon is a full time wife, mother and domestic engineer. On the weekends Diane, their two dogs, and Jay escape to their mountain retreat in Prescott, Arizona. Jay’s hobbies include rock hounding, prospecting, camping, four-wheeling, golf, billiards, and enjoying life together.