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Jeremy Smallwood

IMG 0848 600Jeremy Smallwood started life as an electronics design engineer and has been a consultant and trainer in electrostatics and ESD since the late 1980’s. He started his own company Electrostatic Solutions Ltd in 1998 to do consultancy, research, and training in electrostatics and ESD work. Jeremy has a PhD in "Ignition of sensitive materials by low energy electrostatic discharges" and has authored approximately 45 conference and journal publications on general electrostatics, electrostatic ignition hazards, and ESD, often in collaboration with colleagues from around the world. In 2010 Jeremy was awarded the ESDA Industry Pioneer Award. He also gave the lunchtime address at the 2009 Symposium titled "The strange world of static electricity and international standards".

Jeremy has worked in UK and international standards since the mid 1990’s and was Chairman of IEC TC101 Electrostatics from 2000 to 2012.

Personal information and interests (family, hobbies, etc.):

Jeremy has taught yoga since the mid 1980’s and plays tabla (Indian hand drums).   With his wife Jan and dog Lilly, Jeremy enjoys taking holidays aboard his 28ft cruising sailing boat. He is an ornithologist and helps in surveys in his local area for UK ornithological research. "Jan and I keep a rather untidy wildlife friendly garden that won an award with a local Conservation Trust!"

Jeremy has been attending and giving papers at the EOS/ESD Symposium for about 10 years. He regularly participates on the Technical Program Committee reviewing and mentoring papers on ESD Factory Issues. At the 2012 Symposium Jeremy was a panelist in a workshop led by Pasi Tamminen on "Do We Need to Improve Our ESD Control to Maintain ESD Safety Levels?

"Being involved in the ESDA Symposium has been a great way to participate in the wider ESD community. Participating in papers review and mentoring, as well as the Symposium itself, helps to keep me up-to-date and develop my expertise in ESD related topics. Networking and discussing with other ESD experts and people from other areas of the industry, as well as helping those more new to the subject, helps me develop a wider perspective and understanding on the issues. I believe that participation also helps develop my own reputation amongst the ESD community." 

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