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José Sancho

jose sanchoThe ESD Association spotlight for November/December 2008 is on José Sancho Sr. Quality Engineer at NASA-GSFC (HTSI)

José is Presently working as a Honeywell TSI Contractor at NASA-GSFC. He is a Senior Quality Engineer for Workmanship Standards and manages the ESD Control Program at GSFC. Some of José’s previous experience includes: Sr. Materials Engineer for Hughes Networks Systems, senior designer of HP microwave transmitters for Westinghouse Electric Corp. and Comtech Systems. While in the US Army José served as a Spanish and Indonesian translator. He is a graduate from Purdue University (BSEE).

José is currently participating in the Ionization (WG-3), Handtools (WG-13), Compliance Verification (WG-53), Workstations (WG-16), and Packaging (WG 11) workgroups. He also helps with the setup of the conference rooms.

When asked to describe how being a volunteer with the ESDA has contributed to both his professional and personal growth, José said:

“The work as a volunteer at the ESDA has greatly contributed to my understanding of standards development. It has helped me to improved on the quality of the work at my job and increased my knowledge on ESD. Being a volunteer on the workgroups has given me the opportunity to meet new and wonderful friends.”

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

José is married with two daughters and seven grandsons, José enjoys traveling, photography and fishing.