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Karen Yi

ProfileKaren Yi graduated from UCLA in 2003 with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. Soon after joining Lockheed Martin in she became a member of the ESDA (2003).  Karen was on the grounding committee actively involved in ESD control as the company’s point of contact for the subject matter. However Karen  moved on to other positions within the company that kept her away from ESD for about 10 years. She has now returned to the Materials and Processes team and is again active in the ESD position. 

Karen is married with two children.  She and her husband like to take hiking and camping trips with their kids and dogs.  She says they enjoy travelling in general.

A previous member of the Grounding  Working Group (WG6), Karen is currently active in the Aerospace (WG19) Standard Working Group.

Karen described how being a volunteer with the ESDA has contributed to both her professional and personal growth:

"It has really helped me become part of the ‘ESD community’.  When I have certain questions, I have reached out to other ESDA members and obtained help.  Being a member and a volunteer with the ESDA has also helped me stay informed of the latest industry trends, concerns, and upcoming requirements."

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