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Markus Mergens

MarcusMergens”This big “ESD family” is rich with great technical experts as well as wonderful, diverse people.”

Markus received his Diploma in Physics in 1996 from Aachen University of Technology (RWTH) in Germany with a major in solid state and laser physics. In 2001, he was granted a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland for his work on device-/circuit-level simulation of automotive high-voltage ESD protection performed at Robert Bosch GmbH, Reutlingen. From 2000 to 2005, Markus worked for Sarnoff Corporation/Europe in Princeton NJ, USA and Belgium as project leader in multiple ESD development projects for the world-wide semiconductor industry. In 2005, Markus joined Infineon Technologies in the automotive technology department, where he was responsible for the device team and ESD for PROFETS. In 2007, Markus founded QPX GmbH, a service provider for ESD development, ESD product integration, consulting and training. QPX customers range from IDMs, foundries and fabless design houses being based in Europe, Japan, and USA. QPX focus is on high-voltage ESD technology including automotive system-level requirements. Markus holds more than 30 journal / conference presentations and 18 patents.

Living in the suburbs of Munich, Markus and his wife Sibylle have two sons, Tom (8) and Matteo (4). Markus loves spending his time out in nature with his family and friends, hiking in the mountains, romping in the snow with the kids, swimming in salty water, or just running thru the local forest. He is fond of soccer (his active career is over for quite some time though) and skiing the Alps. He also likes playing golf although his game has not really improved dramatically. The latter is owed to the fact that loving a family and taking care of ESD customers does not really leave so much room for time consuming activities.

Despite this, Markus has always enjoyed spending time in the ESDA community and has been a member of ESDA since 1998. The EOS/ESD Symposium and the IEW have been a substantial part of his professional career and personal growth. Attendance is still quite a learning experience keeping him up to date with the latest trends. Moreover, this big “ESD family” is rich of great technical experts as well as wonderful, diverse people – some of them became friends during fruitful exchanges and cooperation over the past years. Markus is grateful to have the privilege serving in the EOS/ESD TPC many times since 2001 (two times in the position of subcommittee chair) and the IEW management committee since 2008 (TPC chair in 2011). He received the best presentation award from the Symposium in 2001. Big Thank-You, ESDA!