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MStevens2Michael Stevens earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Weber State University in Ogden Utah, USA. He has been in the semiconductor industry since 1986 and started working with ESD testing in 1989.  Michael held a variety of positions during his career and continued to develop expertise in the field including IC design, ESD testing, and general knowledge of ESD.

Michael says his most recent experience over the last few years has been very rewarding. He started with the task of improving IC design development process to reduce customer’s EOS/ESD failures.  This led to visiting customers to really understand "how and why" the ICs fail for EOS/ESD. He soon discovered that there are some key opportunities to improve the PCB manufacturing lines to prevent failures both in the line and in the field. 

Michael enjoys traveling in many countries and experiencing the diversity of cultures and native foods.  This has been very rewarding both personally and professionally and is a benefit to customers as well as his company.

Michael enjoys being active and outside, He spends time running, hiking, biking, swimming, and training for triathlons. He has run many marathons and several bike races.  "It’s not about the race or what place I finish in, but about living a healthy lifestyle, staying fit, and enjoying time with friends and family."

Michael likes to explore new places that He hasn’t been to like his recent trip to Siberia. he also likes adventurous activities like skydiving, climbing mountains, zip-lines, parasailing, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.

Michael has volunteered for many years, participating with the development of Standards in the areas of ESD testing, Latchup testing, Charged Board Events (CBE), and ESD handling. He helped with some of the research teams to collect valuable data to support the standards, and evolving new technologies.

Michael’s Involvement with the ESDA organization has helped him to gain knowledge in ESD which has led to a great working career. Michael says, "I have made many friends over the years and fellow colleagues who are experts in many aspects of ESD.  It’s a pleasure to be involved with the quality of people in this organization."