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Michael StockingerMichael "Michi" Stockinger received the degrees "Dipl.-Ing." (M.S.) and "Dr. Tech." (Ph.D.) in Electrical Engineering with highest honors from Vienna University, Austria in 1996 and 2000, respectively. His doctoral research focused on the optimization of ultra-low-power CMOS transistors. In 2000, he joined Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola’s Semiconductor Products Sector) in Austin, Texas where he has been working in the field of ESD protection for advanced CMOS products. He is currently the technical leader of ESD design for Freescale’s Microcontroller division. Michi’s on-chip ESD solutions have been implemented in the Qorivva, Kinetis and ColdFire 32-bit microcontroller product lines, to name a few. His latest research interests are in the field of on-chip protection solutions for system level (IEC) transient immunity. Michi was awarded the 2001 EOS/ESD Symposium Best Paper award, the 2003 EOS/ESD Symposium Best Paper and Best Presentation awards, and the 2013 EOS/ESD Symposium Best Paper and Outstanding Paper awards. He has authored and co-authored over 30 technical papers and teaches an ESDA tutorial. He has served in the TPC of several EOS/ESD Symposia and International Reliability and Physics Symposia, and as A/V co-chair of the International ESD Workshop (IEW). Michi holds 14 patents on ESD design, with several others pending.

Michi grew up in Vienna, Austria and moved to Austin, Texas after graduating from university. Michi is married to Kara and has two children. His daughter Nina is in 3rd grade and son Niklas is in 1st grade. Michi likes to teach them German as best as he can, which comes quite handy on their trips to Austria when they get to see their grandparents.

Michi enjoys outdoor activities with his family and keeping the house and garden in shape. "The kitchen is one of my favorite places – I love to cook. This way my friends and family get to try various Austrian dishes, with "Wiener Schnitzel" and home-made "Bratwurst" at the top of our list." Michi likes to explore other recipes, too, for example from Italian, Mexican, or Indian cuisine. Austin offers a large variety of restaurant choices to get inspired.

One of Michi’s favorite hobbies is playing Squash, which adds a competitive aspect to his life and keeps him fit. Another favorite hobby is windsurfing. He remembers the first time he climbed onto a board when I was a child - the sensation of water, wind, and waves kept him stoked. During the warm weather season – in Texas practically all year-round - Michi will always keep an eye on the wind report to be ready to hit the lake, work permitting. He is looking forward to teaching his kids how to windsurf soon. Surfing has also taken him to wonderful places in the world such as Hawaii and the Caribbean.

Michi has served several times on the TPC of the EOS/ESD Symposium and has been sub-session chair and session moderator. He has been on workshop panels, served as TPC mentor, and taught an ESDA tutorial on IO and ESD design. He is also a member of the tutorial review panel. In 2015, Michi was A/V co-chair at his very first IEW where he also lead a discussion group.

"Staying connected to ESD friends at other companies and universities through participation in the ESDA is invaluable to me. ESD conferences and workshops offer a unique opportunity to meet industry peers face-to-face and in a relaxed atmosphere. I have built long-lasting relationships and friendships through the ESDA. Through regular interactions with the ESD community, I have gained new perspectives on a lot of technical problems and have enhanced my skills. Participation in various TPC paper reviews has helped me improve my own publishing work."