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Rick Knight

rick knight 1Rick has been a member of the ESD Association since 1996, and is a member of the Work Group 11.0 Packaging Committee, which helps develop standards for packaging materials to protect ESD sensitive devices. Rick helped in the development of the proposed 2-Point Resistance Test Standard 11.13.

Educational and Professional Background:

Rick is a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and has been involved with plastics manufacturing during his entire career. In 1972, Rick was one of the three founding members of Meritex Plastic Industries in Arlington, Texas, and served as vice president until moving to Penang, Malaysia, in 1982 to oversee the final construction and startup of Meritex Penang. This manufacturing subsidiary was primarily to provide static dissipative plastic shipping tubes for the semiconductor manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Rick served as executive director for the first two-and-a- half-years of operation of Meritex Penang. While living in Penang, Malaysia, Rick and his family enjoyed the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and learned much about the local cultures. In 1994, Rick became a member of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Patent Society following issue of a patent in his name and assistance on other patents related to static dissipative mechanical (non-adhesive) cover tape systems for tape and reel plastic carrier to handle, store and ship semiconductor, and other small electronic devices. In 1999, Rick went to Mexico to be on-site during the final construction of a new manufacturing facility for ITW Meritex.

rick knight 2Rick is currently vice president of Ranger Plastic Extrusions, Inc., in Arlington, which he joined in 2000. Ranger Plastic Extrusions, Inc., started operations in 1986 and produces all types of static dissipative plastic shipping tubes for the electronics industry. Ranger is also a manufacturer of any type of custom profile plastic extrusions.

Rick received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1978.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies:

Rick's hobbies include playing bridge, target shooting, riding motorcycles and occasionally golf when there is time. Rick and Sue have three wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren. They have a farm in Northeast Texas where they go to get away from the city and are enjoying restoring an old family house.

rick knight 3When we asked Rick to describe how being a volunteer with the ESDA has contributed to his professional and personal growth, he told us this:

"Since joining ESDA, I have enjoyed the interaction with the members of the Work Group and conferring with them on a professional level to complete our projects. It is professionally rewarding to work on original projects and to help develop testing procedures that will be used around the world to protect products and equipment from electrostatic discharge damage. Also, Sue and I so look forward to the Work Group Meetings and Annual Symposium because of the wonderful venues selected each year."