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Steven Voldman

voldman spot"The ESD Association and the Symposium led to my personal growth and professional success throughout my career."

Steven Voldman received his B.S. in Engineering Science from the University of Buffalo, his first M.S. in Electrical Engineering (EE) Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a second degree, The EE Degree from MIT, and a second M.S. in Engineering Physics, and a PhD EE from the University of Vermont under IBM's Resident Study Fellow program.

Steven was a member of the semiconductor development of IBM for 25 years.

He was a member of the IBM's Bipolar SRAM, CMOS DRAM, CMOS logic, Silicon on Insulator (SOI), BiCMOS and Silicon Germanium, RF CMOS, RF SOI, smart power technology development and image processing technology teams. In 2007, Steven joined the Qimonda Corporation as a member of their DRAM development team responsible for ESD and latch-up design manuals, and ESD design. In 2008, Steven was a full time ESD consultant for the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) From 2009 to 2011, He became a senior principal engineer at Intersil Corporation working on analog, power, and RF applications in RF CMOS, RF Silicon Germanium, and SOI. In 2013, Steven began working as a consultant on sub-28 nm technology for Samsung Electronics Inc. in Dongtan, South Korea.

Steven is a past member of the ESDA Board of Directors; ESD Symposium Chairman 2001 and 2009; ESD Device Testing Standards, ESD WG 5.5, TLP Founder and Chairman, ESD on Campus founder and chairman, ESD Student Chapter founder

In the ESD Association, Steven initiated the "ESD on Campus" program which was established to bring ESD lectures and interaction to university faculty and students internationally; the ESD On Campus program has reached over 40 universities in the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, India, and China.

Steven has written over 150 technical papers and authored seven books on ESD. He is a recipient of over 245 US patents and provides tutorials and lectures supporting ESD design and latchup.

Voldman2Steve is married with two children. Annie, his wife, is an actuary and runs her own business; His son Aaron is a graduate of Brandeis University and founded the Student Peace Alliance (SPA) in Washington D.C. and is presently in Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. Steven's daughter, Rachel graduated from University California Santa Barbara (UCSB) with a focus on languages.

Steven enjoys writing books, travelling, teaching, and inventing. He plays a ram's horn for New Year's celebrations and spends time running, spinning, and doing ashtanga and hatha yoga.

"The ESD Association and the Symposium led to my personal growth and professional success throughout my career."