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Vaughn Gross

vaughn grossVaughn P Gross is currently owner and manager of Green Mountain ESD Labs, LLC and an INARTE certified Senior ESD Control Engineer.

The Green Mountain ESD Labs offer a comprehensive group of ESD services based on Vaughn’s many years of leading edge experience providing ESD services to industry while lead ESD Control engineer for IBM ESD Labs.

His experience in ESD services include HBM/MM/CDM/LU/TLP characterization and standards (MIL SPEC/JEDEC/ESDA) testing, ESD materials properties testing, manufacturing practices & development, ESD equipment acceptance evaluations, internal specifications, internal standards document generation, ESD on site audits and problem evaluations, solutions against customer specifications, best practices criteria, ESD training, and consulting on ESD matters.Vaughn graduated from Bellows Free Academy, St Albans, VT high school in 1961. In August, 1961 Vaughn joined the U.S. Navy and graduated from Electronics Schools there. In 1964, he joined IBM and completed all the technical classes to satisfy a BS Electrical Engineering Degree at the University of Vermont through a “Students in Industry” program. Vaughn, throughout his 38 year career at IBM, completed many classes/seminars pertinent to the semiconductor industry and personal development.

STDCOM, WG 5.1, WG 5.2, WG 5.3.1, WG 5.4, WG 5.5, and WG 5.6 are the current device committees that Vaughn serves on. He also served on several other “Factory Issues” ESDA Standard Committees in past years. Also, in past years, Vaughn served on Symposium technical committees, chaired factory issues sessions, monitored many ESDA workshops, tutorial sessions and technical sessions at the ESD Symposiums.
Vaughn has been involved with ESD since the mid 1970’s when it first emerged in the semiconductor industry.

“I have participated in the EOS/ESD meetings to share my knowledge and interact with other folks sharing their knowledge on this matter. This was best accomplished by getting involved and volunteering to serve on ESDA committees. This allowed for us to become leaders in the ESD Technical field and allowed for personal growth both inside and outside the companies where we worked”.

Vaughn married Kim Alyum Barrett in 1968 and had a daughter, Jennifer Lynn, in 1969, and, a son, Vaughn Clark, in 1971. Vaughn’s main hobbies are hunting and fishing, he also enjoys other outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and boating.