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Vladimir Kraz

vladimir krazThe Volunteer Spotlight during May and June focuses on Vladimir Kraz, Director of Instrumentation at Electronics Solution Division of 3M Company. Vladimir has been a member of the ESDA's Ionization and Handler's WG for several years. "I got involved to be aware of the recent developments in the field and to be able to contribute to the development of the documents that guide the industry towards ESD safety," said Vladimir. He presented and co-authored several papers at the ESD Symposiums with another one scheduled for the upcomimg 2007 EOS/ESD Symposium in Anaheim, California.

Educational and professional background

Vladimir has MSME and MSEE degrees, both from the former USSR. He has designed electronics systems and products for shipbuilding, industrial control, wired and wireless communication, and now instrumentation for electrostatic control and electromagnetic compliance (EMC) with more patents pending. He has authored and co-authored a number of papers for symposiums (including the EOS/ESD Symposium), workshops and various trade publications. He also conducts classes and seminars on ESD and EMI issues. Vladimir has designed several instruments for ESD and electromagnetic field measurements that offer new features and performance levels not previously available.

Personal information, interests, and hobbies

Vladimir was born in the former USSR and moved to the United States 23 years ago. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen. "I am happily married to my wife of 33 years, Yelena," said Vladimir. "We started Credence Technologies. I feel very lucky working along with her all these years. I have two grown-up boys who also took engineering careers."

Electronics has been a hobby of Vladimir's all along. He put his first radio together when he was 10 years old, and it all went from there. He enjoys reading and travel, but his passion remains electronics. "I feel fortunate that in my career I get to do what I really like," said Vladimir.